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Sherry Lane

Sherry Lane is a professional artist and face reader.

She acquired her knowledge and skills in Chinese physiognomy from Dr. Timotjy Mar, a master face reader and diplomat, and studied the psychology of micro-expressions developed by Dr. Paul Ekman. As a practicing Face Reader, doing private readings and workshops, she developed a unique system. With her partner, Dr. Richard Lacey, she merged these diciplines with the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen's bioenergetics to create a unified training.



Dr. Richard A. Lacey

Dr. Richard A. Lacey's professional background includes advanced degrees from Yale, and post graduate training in humanistic psychology, film, and jungian typology. He has worked as a foundation program officer and consultant, for the Ford Foundation. Dr. Lacey became one of the first certified practitioners of the famous Myers Briggs Type Indicator. He loves to play poker and in the fourth volume of the Face-to-Face, Eye-to-Eye series he trains the reader in how to gain a winning edge in Texas Hold 'Em. 



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