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Face-to-Face, Eye-to-Eye

How to Read Faces for Success


By Sherry Lane and Dr. Richard A. Lacey


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Master vital skills for success with the Face-to-Face, Eye-to-Eye Communication Training.


With coaches Sherry Lane (sherrylane.com)and Dr. Richard Lacey as your personal guides, you will master the ancient art and modern science of reading faces. You'll focus on new and astonishing skills, you'll multiply your powers of concentration, intuition, and communication, and you'll have fun doing it.


           In step-by-step training sessions you will learn how to: 

  • Recognize strong emotions that others do not notice.
  • Gain confidence in negotations.
  • Anticipate and neutralize conflicts.
  • Know when a prospect is ready to say "yes!"
  • Seize the moment when someone is attracted to you.
  • Sustain a winning advantage in financial enterprises.
  • Identify character traits "hidden in plain sight."
  • Apply new skills to succeed in relationships, from romance to business.


This guide book, the first in a series, consists of fourteen coaching sessions with Sherry Lane.  Each session includes face-to-face and eye-to-eye encounters that reinforce each concept and skill.


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